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    S.A.S. -v- The Republic of France


    For Immediate Use


    On Wednesday 27th November 2013 the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights will hear the case of S.A.S., a French lady who is challenging the controversial French law outlawing the wearing of the Burqa/Niqab/Full Face Veil from all public places under the threat of prosecution.

    The French Government will say the ban is justified and required to promote equality, cohesion and public security. S.A.S. argues that the ban is targeting Muslim ladies and is discriminatory.  She will say that the ban has taken away her identity and her right to express herself and that she feels that she is now a prisoner in her own home.

    S.A.S. is an aspiring lawyer and has done work experience at a law firm in the United Kingdom. She compares the ‘tolerance’ in the United Kingdom with the ‘oppression’ in France.

    This case is one of the biggest to come before the Strasbourg Court in recent years.  It is widely publicised on the internet.

    S.A.S. is being represented before the Court by English law firm J.M. Wilson Solicitors LLP based in Birmingham.  Her Human Rights specialist Counsel (Ramby de Mello and Tony Muman) leading the legal team are also based in Birmingham.

    Her spokesman Mr Ashraf Ali is also based in Birmingham and is able to conduct interviews on her behalf: the Court has granted S.A.S. anonymity given the fear of reprisal and attack that she has having challenged this law.

    The challenge to the French law is directly relevant to the on-going debate about the wearing of the Buraq/Niqab/Full Face Veil in the UK; whether it be in the Court, in colleges and universities or in Public.

    The issues are truly controversial: it is directly relevant to the UK as well as across Europe.


    Sanjeev Sharma (solicitor) can be contacted by email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0121 356 4556 and can arrange interviews with Ashraf Ali, S.A.S. spokesman.