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    Home Office amendments following MM case ruling

    The Home Office has finally published their efforts to amend the rules in order to meet the flaws set out by the Supreme Court in our case of MM. It has now allowed third party support.

    The statement of changes are disappointing and do not appear to reflect what the Supreme Court intended when they made their decision. The guidance to Entry Clearance Officers is yet to be published and this will be crucial.

    There is now consideration of the best interests of children, which is a positive.

    We are considering with our barristers as to whether the changes go far enough and if necessary we will be making our position clear to the Court. But if you are struggling to meet the income requirement then you might be able to apply now depending on your circumstances.

    Please contact us.

    These changes are to apply from 10 August.


    Here is the full document from the government.  We will keep you updated.