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    Family Law

    Our Family Law department is led by Jenny Sharma who has over 10 years experience in dealing with all areas of family law such as divorce, children disputes, domestic violence and property disputes linked with divorce.

    Here at J. M. Wilson Solicitors we appreciate what a difficult time the breakdown of a relationship can be and we promise to deal with your matter swiftly and sensitively.

    All first appointments are FREE and appointments can be arranged at our main Perry Barr office. Call us on 0121 356 4556 to arrange an appointment today.


    Here is a testimonial from a recent divorce case that Jenny Sharma worked on:

    My wife of 10 years having decided to divorce me, and to hire a big London firm of solicitors to act for her(despite us both living together in Birmingham!), when I walked in to Jenny Sharma’s office one rainy Monday morning, I was quite literally in despair. I’d already tried the two firms of solicitors closest to me, and been put off by their coldly money-focused responses of “It’ll be x-pounds per hour for an initial consultation”. So I searched online and found Jenny’s firm, and when I read the testimonials she’d already received, and also read she was a specialist in Family Law, I decided to give her a try. Her response to my just walking in off the street, was a world away from those others. She saw me immediately for no initial fee. Sat me down, and listened to my story.

    The only thing I knew about divorce law was that the starting point for any marriage that had lasted several years, would be a 50/50 split of the assets. But in our case, I had almost, but not quite, finished paying off the mortgage on our home before we were married. My pensions were similarly 70% established prior to the marriage. My wife had ceased to work for the last eight years. I had paid for everything during the marriage, and even given my wife a monthly allowance of several hundreds of pounds per month, none of which she had saved. And I had only just loaned her a lump sum of another £10,000 before she began divorce proceedings against me. For me, a 50/50 split, at my then age of 58, would have meant having to sell up, and find rented accommodation for the rest of my days, having insufficient working years remaining to fund another mortgage. Basically, I held ALL of the assets of the marriage, and my wife held none, having paid most of her monthly allowance to her family overseas. Plus she’d left me three times during the marriage, and I’d allowed her to return each time. So I felt I had a case for there not to be a 50/50 split in our case, but I had no idea whether my case was valid in law, nor how to argue it, especially arguing against a big London firm of solicitors.

    Jenny didn’t pull any punches. She told me straight that the firm my wife was using was “bad news”, and that she’d dealt with their like before, and that their modus operandi would be to aim to take the case all the way to court, so as to be able to maximise their fees. But she also reassured me that I DID have a very good case for the split not to be 50/50. I asked her if she would act for me, and she accepted my case.

    She was right – after negotiating a very-much-less-than-50% spit for several months, the London solicitors suddenly just changed tack, and said they were “proceeding to court forthwith”. But Jenny’s calmness, reassurances, and telling-me-as-it-is reality, have kept me going. We did go to court, using a barrister Jenny found for me, who again was excellent - and I won! The judge sided with me on every point of argument, and a final reasonable split of assets, was enforced.

    I would very much recommend Jenny to anyone, who like me, is facing an acrimonious divorce, and needs a strong shoulder to rely upon.