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    Since our first meeting with Mr Sharma, my wife and I have felt confident and informed.

    Everything we have entrusted Mr Sharma and his team with has been dealt with professionally and accurately.

    Mr Sharma and his team have successfully dealt with my wife's application and appeals process, they have provided the expertise and knowledge needed to secure my wife's right to remain in this country with her family.

    We are forever grateful for all the hard work carried out by Mr Sharma and his colleagues at JM Wilson Solicitors, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking help with immigration.

    Thank You to all at JM Wilson Solicitors
    Date of Posting: 15 July 2016
    Posted By: James and Hannah Capon
    A friend recommended Jenny Sharma for the situation that I found myself in which required expert legal advice. Being a firm of solicitors that was out of my town of residence and unknown to me I was initially a little apprehensive about how I would be able to travel and converse with the legal representative on a regular basis.

    After meeting with Jenny Sharma face to face at my initial appointment, I was reassured by the breadth and depth of knowledge Jenny Sharma had in Family Law. I found Jenny approachable in order for me to be able to discuss the complexities of my case with her. It was also a bonus to learn communication could take place via email and telephone. My experience has been that the importance of my communication has not being lost in translation in any form by not meeting face to face.

    Jenny Sharma provided me with a very clear and real expectation for my situation from the very outset. Jenny was very clear of the law and advised me accordingly. It sounded harsh to hear but I was not misled at all in any shape or form – right from the outset.

    My case however, took quite a few unexpected and uncommon turns what I experienced in this time was a consistent advocate in Jenny Sharma. Jenny was able to take the emotion out of the situation and discuss the relevant factual information required to be discussed.
    Jenny Sharma experience in her field of work enabled the right barrister to be appointed to my case. Jenny knew exactly which barrister was required - I believe this is a reflection of her experience.

    As I mentioned there have been unexpected turns in my case. I never felt that my case was just “another case” for Jenny. I always experienced a positive response and the assurance that Jenny was fully up to speed with the state of play on my case. As the complexities of my case grew it required a number of statements to be written, a number of complex obstacles to be overcome.

    Reflecting back I am so relieved I made the right decision to appoint Jenny Sharma for my case - as having the correct legal representation provided me with the right advice to achieve the result I wanted to gain.
    I personally do not believe I could have achieved my outcome - if it had not been for Jenny Sharma consistency, professionalism and experience. Having travelled a long two year journey with Jenny in my legal battle I have found Jenny to be consistent throughout in this time.

    My son and I are experiencing overwhelming joy and normality at long last having achieved an outcome in our favour.

    I would not have any reservation recommending Jenny Sharma and her firm of solicitors to undertake your legal case.

    Thank you so much Jenny – you really are a remarkable individual.
    Date of Posting: 13 July 2016
    Posted By: K K Wolverhampton
    I am very pleased with the services I received and would recommend anyone I know to use your service. I am very glad that I came to you for help with my matter. Thank you all for everything
    Date of Posting: 05 May 2016
    Posted By: anonymous
    Thanks to JM Wilson solicitors for handling my case in a professional way. I am so grateful to have met you especially miss Begum who is very hard working. Once again Thanks JM Wilson Solicitors
    Date of Posting: 05 May 2016
    Posted By: K.J
    My wife of 10 years having decided to divorce me, and to hire a big London firm of solicitors to act for her(despite us both living together in Birmingham!), when I walked in to Jenny Sharma’s office one rainy Monday morning, I was quite literally in despair. I’d already tried the two firms of solicitors closest to me, and been put off by their coldly money-focused responses of “It’ll be x-pounds per hour for an initial consultation”. So I searched online and found Jenny’s firm, and when I read the testimonials she’d already received, and also read she was a specialist in Family Law, I decided to give her a try. Her response to my just walking in off the street, was a world away from those others. She saw me immediately for no initial fee. Sat me down, and listened to my story.

    The only thing I knew about divorce law was that the starting point for any marriage that had lasted several years, would be a 50/50 split of the assets. But in our case, I had almost, but not quite, finished paying off the mortgage on our home before we were married. My pensions were similarly 70% established prior to the marriage. My wife had ceased to work for the last eight years. I had paid for everything during the marriage, and even given my wife a monthly allowance of several hundreds of pounds per month, none of which she had saved. And I had only just loaned her a lump sum of another £10,000 before she began divorce proceedings against me. For me, a 50/50 split, at my then age of 58, would have meant having to sell up, and find rented accommodation for the rest of my days, having insufficient working years remaining to fund another mortgage. Basically, I held ALL of the assets of the marriage, and my wife held none, having paid most of her monthly allowance to her family overseas. Plus she’d left me three times during the marriage, and I’d allowed her to return each time. So I felt I had a case for there not to be a 50/50 split in our case, but I had no idea whether my case was valid in law, nor how to argue it, especially arguing against a big London firm of solicitors.

    Jenny didn’t pull any punches. She told me straight that the firm my wife was using was “bad news”, and that she’d dealt with their like before, and that their modus operandi would be to aim to take the case all the way to court, so as to be able to maximise their fees. But she also reassured me that I DID have a very good case for the split not to be 50/50. I asked her if she would act for me, and she accepted my case.

    She was right – after negotiating a very-much-less-than-50% split for several months, the London solicitors suddenly just changed tack, and said they were “proceeding to court forthwith”. But Jenny’s calmness, reassurances, and telling-me-as-it-is reality, have kept me going. We did go to court, using a barrister Jenny found for me, who again was excellent - and I won! The judge sided with me on every point of argument, and a final reasonable split of assets, was enforced.

    I would very much recommend Jenny to anyone, who like me, is facing an acrimonious divorce, and needs a strong shoulder to rely upon.
    Date of Posting: 14 April 2016
    Posted By: Anonymous
    I would like to thank Jenny Sharma for the service I received in relation to divorce and financial proceedings.
    You have been a huge support through a divorce process that was long and emotionally very trying. From our first meeting where we thought things were going to be relatively straight forward turning into a complex case caused by a difficult ex-husband but you put in the extra effort to ensure I was kept up to date with everything and the advice I received was very sensible, even if at times frustrating having to follow some of the legal processes that just didn’t feel fair, you kept me grounded and reassured throughout the process. I can’t thank you enough for the support, through the ups, downs, tears and laughter (yes at times there was laughter), I couldn’t have done it without you.
    My case consisted of a divorce challenged by my ex-husband and contested financial proceedings arising from our assets. The proceedings were challenged all the way up to the Final hearing by my ex-husband. Mrs Sharma gave me realistic advice at the outset and explained there was likely to be an equal division of the combined assets (the assets pot was £120,000.00). She was entirely correct.
    Very early on in the proceedings my ex-husband refused to accept Mrs Sharma’s proposal for an equal split of the assets and instead sought all of the assets. As reassured by Mrs Sharma the Judge hearing my case confirmed my proposal was entirely reasonable thus leaving my ex-husband to have to back down at the Final Hearing and accept what I had offered all along. He was even ordered to pay a large proportion of my legal costs.
    I had no choice but to fight for a fair settlement which is what Mrs Sharma helped me do.

    Date of Posting: 17 March 2016
    Posted By: anonymous
    In a time of great need for me you listened and gave me advice. You proceeded to explain to me what was the least and most reliable course to take. You undertook for me valued representation to the appropriate authorities keeping in regular touch as to the progress of my case. For this I am truly grateful.
    Date of Posting: 07 March 2016
    Posted By: Baker
    Very good understanding of a difficult case.


    Date of Posting: 13 January 2016
    Posted By: S.H.A
    I want to thank you for your help with my case. I am so grateful and if anybody needs help I will surely recommend the person to you. Once again thank you.

    From B Burke
    Date of Posting: 09 December 2015
    Posted By: B Burke
    I must say thumbs up for the good work and the extra time out you took to listen and proceed in your work. This was quicker than we expected and I'm very grateful. keep up the good work. Cheers!!!
    Date of Posting: 17 November 2015
    Posted By: A N Thompson

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