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A friendly, personal approach to dealing with divorce

Our Head of Family Law – Jenny Sharma –  was delighted to receive a thank you gift from a grateful client recently in recognition of her friendly, personal approach in dealing with a divorce case.

Jenny acted for the wife in a case heard in London dealing with resolving the finances connected to the divorce. Our client was not happy with the lack of personal input from a firm of local solicitors and was looking for a more friendly, personal approach

From the outset we offered an equal division of the assets – consisting of a main house in the husband’s name with pensions and jewellery. The husband and his solicitors believed the wife should not receive an equal amount and that a 20-30% share was fair.

We ended up issuing proceedings at court due to husband refusing to budge from his position. The case settled at the second hearing stage with the judge in essence supporting our view of an equal split of the assets. Needless to say, the husband increased his offer and the case settled.

Jenny was over the moon to get this result as our client put her faith in her from the outset . The case has been running for almost two years – a long time for our client but she followed advice, allowed Jenny to do her job and got the result she deserved.

Accompanying the gift were the following words from our client:

“This is a small token of my love, and I just want to say a ‘Big’ thank you for all your hard work, dedication, support, help and love in this situation…my divorce.

“You’re a lovely and caring person, you made this whole experience bearable, and gave me hope when I had none. You kept me true to myself with your honest and truthful approach. I am truly grateful for that because I won this case with some integrity and self-respect. Thank you for that, I will never forget it.”


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