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What Do I Need to Do if I Want to Move to Another Country with My Child?

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We have just finished a relocation case, successfully acting for a mother who wanted to return to her native Hungary with her young child. The father objected but at a full hearing the judge agreed the move was in the child’s best interests.

In this particular case the child was under 3 years of age and both parents and child lived in UK.  Our Head of Family Law, Jenny Sharma, acted for the mother. Both parties were foreign nationals of differing countries. The father objected to the application and wanted the child to remain in the UK so his relationship with the child could continue.

What needs to be considered to relocate a child to another country?

The Judge required full details of the plan for the child if the child were to relocate with mother to Hungary. Also required was detailed information regarding how the mother expected contact to continue between the father and the child.  The alternative scenario must also be considered, how contact would progress between both parents if the child remained in the UK given mother’s desire to return to Hungary.

The case was complicated by uncertainty regarding the father’s immigration status for remaining in the UK. Expert knowledge from our immigration solicitors came in handy here as we were able to address the judge regarding options in this regard.

After a full hearing the Judge agreed the child’s best interests were served by returning to Hungary with mother and having regular contact with father in both Hungary and the UK.

Jenny Sharma also successfully dealt with this client’s divorce from start to finish against father of the child.

As always she gave a truly personal service to this client at an extremely emotional and uncertain time for her. She was in the UK alone, with no family to support her and thus Jenny was always available to her by phone, email and visits.

Relocating with a child

If you need any help or advice about relocating to another country with a child, no matter how complicated the circumstances, please get in touch. First appointments with Jenny Sharma are free and your enquiry will be completely confidential and handled sensitively.

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